whispered love
held forever




January 2010: I am leaving for Cambridge on Saturday, moving into the nurses home. Work starts on Monday. I heard yesterday that I have been offered a sponsored place at university either next September, or the September after if I choose to defer, to study for a nursing degree. So God has blessed me so abundantly, and made me feel safe about the future, and now I have to do my part, and work and live faithfully.

The ball is in my court.

I also have my first vocation - my family - and I pray that God will help me grow in my love and care for the people I love.

Dear friends, I believe we are all *held* by God for ever. I have known bad places. I am now in a place of grace. But God remains faithful to us, even in the storm, even in the ordeal and the dark valley. God holds our eternal souls. I give thanks for all my friends who have helped me in my darkest times. I am so grateful to all my family and friends. I am also grateful to my wonderful, amazing, tender-hearted God.



ordinary purity

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