whispered love
in quietness and trust




It is so easy to let busy life alienate you from the whole of who you are. As Augustine said to God, "Behold you were within me, but I was outside. You were with me, but I was not with you."

As I wait on God, I am fed through the sacraments, prayer and scripture. I need to remember that God knew me before I was born, and has the plan for my life, and eternally holds me. There is so much noise in the world, but I need that inner stillness and holding. At times, we need to retreat, as Paul did in Arabia, and Jesus did when he went into the wilderness, to reclaim this silence before God, and the adoration of God.

I need to make prayer the default in my life, and fit life round it, not the other way round. In prayer, and pursuing a life of prayer, I need to resist distraction and temptation. In prayer, and in my waiting, I need to recognise my deepest desire, and where that individual desire may meet God's concern for the needs of the world.

It is a beautiful thing to be held by God, and to hold others for God, physically and emotionally. I sometimes find it helpful to reflect upon and visualise gospel scenes from the bible, where people are held, both in the giving and receiving.

One certainty is that the desire to please God, pleases God. And God wills good for me. May I wait, in quietness and trust, and try to understand your will, and try to do your will, O Holy God. And may prayer invade my life, even when I'm not consciously praying, so that it becomes an action, and not words alone. Because I find contemplation is like that: it may start in the Chapel or your little room, but over time it isn't contained in just those places, but spills out in the activity of our daily life.

I work 12 hour nursing shifts that are usually hectic and busy. However, unless there is this inner quietness, and the recollection of the vast and silent spaces, I think I should often be swept away in the busy demands and pressures. Contemplation becomes a presence, even in the business of the day - it's hard to put in words how that happens but it does.




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