whispered love
into the arms of God




Interpretation of someone speaking in tongues, April 1980:

"For a long time I was a small child, lost and stumbling through a dark and shadowy forest. The path was full of tangled branches, and it felt frightening and alone. Then one day I just ran! And before I knew it, I had broken free of the wood and was in this great field, this beautiful meadow, running down the grassy slope and into the arms of God. And everywhere, everywhere, were beautiful flowers, all open and pointing upwards towards the sun in the bright blue sky. And it was beautiful, all these flowers scattered across the summer meadow. Not just the beauty of individual flowers. It was the loveliness of all of them in a host of colour and light and beauty. I shall make you like one of these flowers, the kind voice said, and it will be for my glory. And I cried for joy."




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