whispered love
Isaiah 4:1-4 and Hosea 11:1-11




In which God has to deal with Susannah

Isaiah 4:1-4 God speaking to Susannah

When you have confronted your sins and your selfishness, Susannah, you will plead with Jesus: "I ask you for nothing, only please let me be called by your name, and take away my terrible disgrace."

In that day, my Christ will be beautiful and glorious and I will find all my joy in his love and the fruit that he tells me to gather.

Yes, Susannah will come in rags and ashamed, but she will find her honour in her Christ's holiness, and I will make her clean by a spirit of judgment and a spirit of fire.

Hosea 11:1-11 God declares deep love for Susannah

When Susannah was a child, I loved her, and out of the sins of the world I called my daughter.

But the more I called to Susannah, the more she went away from me.

She went the way of the world and did bad and selfish things.

And yet it was I who was there from the beginning, helping her and teaching her, with repeated acts of love and grace.

But Susannah didn't realise it was I who wanted to make her whole.

I led her with kindness and love, and comforted her in her troubles, and was beside her, wanting to love her and help her.

But again and again, she resisted my love and went back to the ways of the world. Therefore her life meets ruin and all her plans are undone.

And when she cried out to me, I was beyond her, because she would not come to me for help. And yet...

How can I give Susannah up? How can I abandon her to the emptiness and ruin of this world?

My heart turns strongly towards Susannah, and all my compassion and longing is aroused once again.

So I will not let her be destroyed, I will not abandon her.

Because I am God and not mortal man. I am the Holy One among you. I will not let her be destroyed.

I will roar like a lion, and when I roar, Susannah will come trembling.

Susannah will come trembling like a bird, like a dove.

And I will settle her, I will be her safe place and shelter, and she will find her rest and peace at last with me.




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