whispered love




I have various ways of just relaxing. I love reading. I'm interested in history, and I enjoy reading or writing poetry. I try to run regularly and I love the sense of well-being I get from that. I totally love football, watching it and playing it (as a goalkeeper). I have never smoked or had serious physical illness and I give thanks for being fit almost all my life. I love getting out in nature and going for walks. I love mountains and woods and beautiful countryside. (You can read about an expedition I went on to Greenland, at this little website I made: here.) I also love cooking and making nice meals, with the conversation and friendship they bring. I like just having fun. I think for most of my life I'd call myself bright-spirited.

Blackrock Cottage, Glencoe, base for some happy climbing days

Photos from a Greenland climbing expedition I went on

I think we sometimes overlook the playfulness of God. We mistakenly think everything about God must be stern and sombre and serious. But I believe God is also playful, and loves simple letting go, and times of rest and relaxation. I think God loves happiness. Like children who just play in the park, and laugh, and relax in the sun. Even baby animals play together. I think play is hard-wired into creation, because there is joy in creation, along with the tears and the suffering.




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