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From this page you can click to read some selected journal entries, starting in July 2006. So far I have only posted my 2006 selection, but I will add other entries from 2007 onwards if or when I get the chance:

July 26th 2006: Thunderstorm

August 1st 2006: Highland Games

August 4th 2006: Rhythm and prayer

August 23rd 2006:The language of unity

August 30th 2006: End of Summer

September 1st 2006: Protected

September 3rd 2006: Windswept

September 4th 2006: Purity

September 15th 2006: Great Sporting Heroes

September 18th 2006: Little God

September 24th 2006: When I was a Boy

September 25th 2006: Your quiet presence

September 26th 2006: Launde Abbey

September 27th 2006: Welcoming Jesus

October 4th 2006: Going Deeper

October 5th 2006: More on Baptism

October 7th 2006: School Open Day

October 10th 2006: Waiting on Tiptoe

October 13th 2006: Aspects of spirituality

October 14th 2006: Listening

November 1st 2006: And beauty came

November 2nd 2006: Heading Westwards

November 15th 2006: Two gentle men

November 25th 2006: Counter-intuitive

December 1st 2006: Disappearances

December 2nd 2006: Disappearances (2)

December 3rd 2006: Firstborn

December 9th 2006: Humility

December 20th 2006: The dead of winter

December 31st 2006: The gate of the year




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