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September 4th 2006: Purity

The theme of yesterday's church service kept reverberating in my mind and heart today: 'Create in me a pure heart, O Lord.'

Not pious self-righteousness. Not doing all the right things or being better than other people. Or being theologically correct. But something much more child-like. It suddenly struck me yesterday, that purity is when we open our hearts to the love of God. As simple as that.

Open our hearts to the love of God, and let it flow through us. Just opening our hearts and being loving and kind.

School began again today and my new class came in with all their news and excitement and sweetness and goodness. In fact - for today at least - they were angels.

A song had been coming and going in my mind all morning - as I felt joyful and glad and peaceful: 'Purify my heart'. Then after lunch four or five boys and girls arrived early in the classroom. I was preparing their work, and they were chatting happily. It was a sunny, happy day.

Suddenly this little 10-year-old boy started singing. Singing the exact song that had rocked me all the morning. 'Purify my heart' he sang, innocent, dreamy, unaware.

Yes please then. You're wanting me to listen aren't you? From out of the mouth of a little boy. Open my heart to your love, I pray. Help me, in simplicity, to be loving and kind.

The purity of your great love. Your purity.


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