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September 18th 2006: Little God

The bible is full of references such as 'Lord God Almighty' and 'King of Kings'... and yet... I sometimes encounter a little God who is very gentle and very personal and quietly laughs, exchanging thoughts and feelings.

This God kneels down beside me and makes himself/ herself small, attending to the little details of my life, my transient mood, my sensitivity. This God is present in the humble, unproclaimed life of an old woman as she goes shopping, or in an old man's home as he strokes his pet. This God takes on 'littleness' so we can open our hearts and let her in.

If a royal visit was arranged to my home, there would be envoys beforehand, security, courtiers, the press - and all the ostentatious paraphernalia of the great and famous. And yet... my little God knocks on the window of my kitchen, perhaps... and I let her in quietly... we sit and talk over tea or coffee (what does God drink... 'Whatever you're having')... and we daydream and laugh and quietly talk together.

This little God inhabits our lives with gentle quietness and humility. This little God who made the universe is also a God of the tender heart, with a kind and humble spirit.


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