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September 27th 2006: Welcoming Jesus

I completely overslept this morning. My eyelids registered the clock (I hadn't set the alarm) and I knew I needed to leave the house within two minutes. It was a case of instant action or roll over and die. So I went into automatic mode and, in fact, I arrived at school a few minutes early. The trouble with that sort of start to the day is that it puts you out of rhythm, and out of touch with yourself, and that can knock on for the rest of the day, with things going from bad to worse.

In the event, it was the kindness of colleagues - some warm and friendly interactions - that helped me find my own calm self again. And in a few minutes I had relaxed back into that quiet rhythm and presence of God I know and seek each day. The kindness of others seemed to open the door. Seemed to help me recall the kindness of God who was waiting to be invited in.

That got me thinking: how often Jesus is just longing for us to welcome him and value him (as he values us). How he must long for us to greet him with a smile, to say 'Good Morning', to involve him at the beginning of our day.

I think there are all kinds of ways we can welcome Jesus, instead of leaving him the other side of the door. Really welcoming him in our times of prayer, knowing his presence, and letting him come close. Welcoming Jesus in our home, so he knows he is wanted there, and we know he is present. Welcoming Jesus when we eat and wanting him to be the invited guest at our meal. Welcoming Jesus in fellowship - not just meeting to talk 'about' Jesus, but knowing he is with us. Welcoming Jesus at different times through the day - not necessarily consciously praying, but recognising the rhythm of his love - and inviting him in. Welcoming Jesus in the stranger who we meet - that other person across from us, who Jesus values and Jesus loves. Because at times like that, Jesus is longing for us to welcome him, and know himů longing for us to open our hearts.

So many ways to welcome Jesus. And Jesus, just at the door - even on a morning of so much rush - smiling with gentle love and waiting, just longing to be invited in.


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