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October 5th 2006: More on Baptism

Yesterday in my blog 'Going Deeper' I talked about the way many events in the bible prefigure the baptismal ordeal of Jesus, who said 'I have a baptism to undergo'.

A friend wrote in response: "I feel like, when I give myself over completely to knowing the presence of God in my life, I undergo a constant continual baptism..."


I think the 'baptismal ordeal' - the idea of going down into situations to love... and even feeling overwhelmed... but knowing the presence of the love of God at the heart of the experience, directly or by faith... I think this is as much baptism as the water symbolism...

It is, as you suggest, an ongoing baptism...

"I have a baptism to undergo"... and us?

Well, we face death... which is a definite baptism... a passing through the deeps in expectation of resurrection...

But on a day to day basis, we are constantly buried in our own small corner of a vast universe... to be an outlet of love...

I believe the concept of 'baptism' is a huge spiritual principle.

We are called through death-to-self to enter into the life of Christ, the life of God, the divine light and life of the universe... call it what you want.

Paul wrote: "The life I lead is not my life, but the life that Christ lives in me."

Well... in principle, yes.

I know myself better though.

For me, the baptismal process into the life of Christ is patchy, and happens in situations... may, perhaps, be as well a bit to do with attitude and longer-term relationship and love...

But I think I know this is, indeed, a baptism I have to undergo - again and again - as oh so reluctantly sometimes I recognise my mortality and the passing world I must relinquish...

...and the eternal nature of love!


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