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October 10th 2006: Waiting on Tiptoe

I love that passage in Romans 8 where we are told that "The creation waits on tiptoe" - or, in eager expectation - "for the children of God to be revealed".

The passage explains that creation itself is held back from fullness, and awaits liberation from decay (just as we do).

It talks about the whole creation being "brought into the glorious freedom of the children of God".

Both we and the creation itself groan inwardly for release, which in our case involves the redemption of our bodies.

Though we may have present sufferings, they do not compare with "the glory that will be revealed in us."

I love the thought that our world, our universe, will also be made new. Beautiful and lovely and free. I love the promise that the Spirit will "renew the face of the earth".

From our transient viewpoint, circumscribed by time and decay, all things are passing, all things are held back by the conditions of our ephemeral universe.

And yet, we may also believe that there is an eternal viewpoint, an eternal reality and state of being - beyond the dimensions of time and decay - of which our passing world and all our lives are only emanations, shadows of something more whole.

Beyond the shadows, beyond the confines of decay and death, in the eternal present and the eternity outside time, lurks that radiant creation and the loving presence of God.

All creation - as we see it today - waits on tiptoe to see the coming of God in the lives of women and the lives of men.

Eternity breaking through, as we open our hearts. Eternity which is also an ever-presence in all creation round about us, within every curled up leaf, and the running stream, the rocks, the heather and countless plants and flowers, every creature, every outlet of life.

The ever-presence of the love of God, hugely implicit, yet always there... just waiting to break out, just waiting for us to say yes. As creation waits as well, waits on tiptoe, waits to be set free.

"Behold, I am making all things new!"

Amen, make us new we pray. Help us open our hearts.


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