whispered love
something happening




Something unexpected was happening in my life, and I asked seven friends to journey with me as I explored what it might mean: three represented the catholic tradition, and four were from the anglican tradition. Some of the web pages that follow are extracts of diary entries I shared with my friends. I have also been grateful to a number of priests in my life, and the help of friends can be really useful when exploring sense of vocation, because usually God doesn't call to us in isolation, but in context and community (or so I believe).

If something is happening in your life... if you feel some kind of spiritual stirring or prompting... and you want to try to understand what God might be saying or where God may be leading... then consider talking about it with people you trust, and really listen to what they have to say. It's best not to 'grab hold' of vocation, or approach it with pre-conceived ideas. Because God may want to lead you in unexpected directions you never imagined or thought about in advance. Yet don't be embarrassed to explore, if you feel a stirring, because you are known and precious, and you may be responding to the whispered love of God.





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