whispered love
thank you




I have been the recipient of much love, and I want to thank these people, for the care and support they have given me:

Rev Jim Lawrenson and Nancy Lawrenson, for their kind and decent ministry and example, when I was young, and singing in the choir.

The late Rev Ken Macdougall and Muriel Macdougall of the Kilmartin Fellowship, for kindness and pastoral care, and for lessons Ken taught me about community, and preaching, and charismatic ministry, which were hugely helpful to my own walk with God.

Canon Malcolm Scott and Thelma Scott, whose ministry was deeply layered in holiness, humility, kindness and the Anglican tradition.

Rev David Abbott and Isobel Abbott, who showed gentleness and kindness to me, particularly at times of great trouble, but also over the years.

Chris and Barbara Smith, both as long-term friends and neighbours, and as champions of social justice and decency. The book they gave me about Geoff Shaw (husband of a climbing friend) has remained inspirational to me. Most of all, Chris and Barbara have been incredibly kind and as such, epitomised to me what being a Christian should be.

Peter and Cha Wright, who were so open and welcoming to me, and open to the Holy Spirit in worship leading and prayer. Also for their introduction to summer house parties at places like Clarendon, which had a lasting impact on me.

Rev Helen Gardner, who was there for me at a particularly acute and difficult time in my life, and was a valuable support in crisis.

Sister Mary of St Philomena's, Euston, who was really helpful in the guidance she gave me on vocation.

The Community of St John the Divine, Birmingham: the sisters of this convent became my dear friends, and taught me an enormous amount about community and love. Each sister deeply treasured in my heart.

The Sisters of the Love of God, Oxford: the sisters here gave me love and profound support in helping me grow in my understanding of vocation and also the practice of contemplation.

Canon Giles Goddard, whose kindness and ministry were inclusive, decent, and rooted in community: showing me an example of how Christians from different backgrounds can live in unity and love in Jesus Christ.

There are many other people who in their different ways have helped me to grow in my relationship with God, and my children too have been powerful (and challenging) examples to me, in their lives, of what it means to be a Christian, as well as other people close to me in my family life and relatives.

All through my life, I feel that God has sent me people who acted like conduits for God's love and grace, and I give thanks for that gift and blessing.



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