whispered love
the road to resurrection




I think a time is coming when I will stop writing so much. I think that *has* to happen. I think, where possible, Christians should speak through their love and good works. Because love is a native language of God, and often it's a language people understand far better than a thousand words.

For many years I have been a writer, but in the end I want to stop talking so many words, and start using a better language, the language of love in action. I acknowledge my sin before God. I need to die to my own self-importance, because it is rubbish and it gets in the way of the grace and life that God wants to give each one of us. Only now do I feel that I am starting to leave the harbour.

Pray God goes with me on my journey. Pray Jesus Christ is there by my side and that I know He is, forever. And in the faces of the people I meet. Pray that God will give me grace and gentle love to be a messenger and vessel when I meet someone. A broken, humble vessel containing the priceless treasure of Christ. Like each Christian, I have a baptism to undergo. In the end none of us can avoid the death of Christ. But this death to self also brings new life. That new life can begin today.

Why would I want to avoid the death, when such life and love and the eternal presence of Jesus Christ is so delightful and so alive... the other side of the Way of the Cross... along the road to resurrection. We can be there in the resurrection today. We have only to surrender our lives and our pride, and open our hearts to love.




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