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I think, in the broadest sense, vocation is something that all of us have: to try to live our lives to the glory of God. To grow towards the whole and best of who we are, chosen and called by God: to be called by His name, adopted into His household, and to find our dignity and honour in being His.

Our lives may also bring us more specific callings, and anyway, vocation is not a one-off thing. Sister Judith - a lovely person, one of the Sisters of the Love of God - helped me a great deal by giving me a passage on 'vocation' written by Rowan Williams. And I came to see how vocation goes on all through our lives, as God calls us into being, day by day... into more of who God creates us to be and become.

I am clear that my first vocation, in the way God has ordered my life, is my family and my household. That is the pre-requisite. I pray I may live in strong relationship with the dear ones of my heart, and that they may grow in grace and hope and love.

Vocation has also felt like a more distinctive call in my unfolding life, and it's probably true to say that I am exploring vocation.

Several Anglican communities have helped me explore...

...why I identify more than anything else as a nun, and how happy and 'who I am' it makes me feel... even though I have a life outside of convent, and so I am fairly unlikely to live that sense of calling in a conventional sense.

Outside the convent walls, I am a nurse. I have people I love. And promises to keep. But in the cloistered garden of my soul, where I meet with my God, I am a nun, a sister, a little and loved one of God. And without really understanding that, it makes me happy, I know myself in it, like being home and recognising it.




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