whispered love
whispered love




All through my life I feel I have been favoured: with privilege and grace and mercy. I feel as if God has always accompanied me. And He has, through the happy times and the very darkest times. Over all the years, God has wanted me, and cared about me, and longed for me to listen... to feel and hear and know His whispered love.

This love is the very nature of god, in whose image we are made.

In all eternity, there is an exchange of gentle, tender-hearted love, between the persons of the trinity, that speaks to us of the ultimate reality of community and relationship. A kindness and sharing and compassion that is so protective and caring and safe.

The love of God, though, is also a fire. A consuming fire which burns away self, and strips you, and also enfolds you. The love of God is the whole point. The great commandment. The greatest of all.

This love of God is tender and gentle and kind. God is more gentle than any other. God knows us and cares about us, and longs to touch our hearts where we hurt and need. God also desires to purify us and make us whole.

And God calls us to enter into His love, and participate in it: invites us to that daily baptism which is death to self, and surrender, and letting God love others through our lives. This way of the cross is the way of God's humble-hearted gentleness and humility, but how reluctant I sometimes am to follow... because this way of the cross may also be a fire, a stripping off and purifying, and I admit I sometimes feel afraid of what that may involve, in the firy enfold of God and surrender to such love. This baptism is in truth a daily ordeal to pass through, to enter the true life God wants us to live: and the mind knows that, but even as Jesus prayed 'Take this cup from me', so also there is 'Thy Will be done'. No-one can say in advance what they will hold back from.

Anyway, the love of God is doing, not talking about doing. Yes, the love of God is sometimes like a fire. But at the centre is the gentle, humble-hearted presence of the Holy One, the 'I am' who is the being in whom we find our being, the holiness in whom alone we find our purity and wholeness. God so loved the world, that He gave His Son. Love is gift. Love is Jesus Christ. Love costs. Ask anyone in relationship.

Love is where we find the wholeness of who we are for all eternity. God called, and calls us, out of eternity... a life long vocation and calling into being... and so much grace is given to us without us even realising, and so much gentleness and the whispered love of God.




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